Master Sales Coach: Proven Results.

Sales coaching and strategic guidance meticulously designed for sales leaders, entrepreneurs, and their teams, delivered by a seasoned former Sales Director who excelled year-on-year in one of the world's most competitive industries.

Become the Best Version of You

My approach is to learn your personality and help you realize a customized approach to selling that won't just deliver you career-changing results, but that will also feel great! This is the training that your potential deserves and needs.

Who Can Benefit from Sales Coaching?

Sales coaching is intended for:

Unleash Your Leadership Potential

Why Sales Coaching Holds Value for You

By partnering with an elite sales coach, you'll unravel and conquer any barriers that could obstruct your progress, liberating both your personal potential and business growth.

Engaging in exceptional Sales coaching opens doors to:




My testimonials are the fruit of sincere approval from my clients, colleagues and peers who have experienced benefits and success from my work.

Simon & his team @ ION have provided AccorHotels with a best-in-class online strategy that will differentiate both the ibis & Novotel brands in a crowded ...

Daniel Morgan

Senior Marketer | Digital Transformation

Simon is an extremely focused and determined indvidual. He aims for perfection and is prepared to lead by example.

Ben Langdon

Chairman Class35

Simon is a great service provider - always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the job is done. He always ensured the goods were delivered.

Alasdair McNee

Tourism consultant

On the projects we worked together on, Simon was a pleasure to work with - personable and positive, as well as driven and highly organised.

Jan Moys

Head of Content

I've worked with Simon at 2020, where he was managing the media part of the business. Simon struck me as being very professional and with a deep ...

Bruno V.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Simon is a very approachable guy, who masterfully and seamlessly aces anything he’s involved in. He is highly versed in anything digital and ...

Baba Bojang

Co-Founder & CTO at IO

Simon is a driven, hardworking and dedicated person. He does everything with passion and knows a good opportunity when it presents itself

Ana Crespo

Senior Content Creator

Simon took the time and effort to provide me with the best possible solution for the company I worked for at the time.

Veronica Stenberg

Digital Strategy
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Simon's concept of making constant changes in the NOW will give you the immediate insights and actions needed to reach your potential within 90 days.

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